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WARNING: Do not use the same account name or password as used in other RYL 2 Servers, many players get hacked because those databases get leaked or the administrator of these servers is hacking you. Please note we cannot always recover gear once hacked.


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  • run-e for yo : @evening, can you point exactly where to read instructions on game? ( the answer s not for me, but for new comers so they wont ask the same silly question like me)xD.
  • run-e for yo : ty, GM01 xD
  • GM01 : @ run-e for you I will add it to the information on the metal lol ...
  • evening : then at least read instructions on game?
  • run-e for yo : @evening; no information about endurance must be done at +10 "in the manual". If you follow exactly like the "manual" when you point your cursor at MOE,and your item is a basic fuser then you will fail to upgrade endurance. Anyway, thanks for info us about endurance at +10.
  • baloque : why i cant connect to server?
  • Dank : Moe is working :)
  • cesferatu : MOE works.
  • cesferatu : GM01 i think u should lock language at public.. just for only english :D so more player can come in.
  • evening : MOE works for me, mayb they dont make the item + 10 bfore goin to Endurance? or moron enough not to read the manual?