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Planned for next or future patches

  • New Quests
  • Monsters at White Cap Bay
  • Skill modifactions
  • /e will be a cross nation chat ( trade chat )
  • Store chat will be cross a nation chat
  • Normal chat in Almigthy will be a cross nation trade.
  • Mounts
  • Minor Bug fixes and texture changes


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  • ProKiller1 : Are there events for tomorrow Mr. GM?
  • dreyco : I am not login server error.-.
  • hyouri : wht will happen to xmas box in next patch???..... I still hav a lot of xmas box in my farming id.....
  • run-e for yo : walaaaa.... a day farming for 300-400 DM. :))
  • Luhkaz : GM25 on? can check ur imbox? thanks.
  • GM25 : sella1190: go where??
  • sella1190 : why every time I want to go always server error? GM please reply
  • DepTraiCoGiS : Lol, so what u want, 1k DM per day ? GM should remove that sweet quest right after Lunar new year end, just like santa drop. They still let that quest alive until now, so don't complain
  • allansompie : i can produce 3 bag full sweets in 1.5 or max 2hr tho :) can produce 300-400 DM in a day if the net is good :) find a sweet hunter in your race and ask him nicely, works for me :)
  • playernamer9 : what is the percentage of this sweet drop?? because i farm almost 4hour to make full 4 slot inventory.. so hard drop.