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  • autumn : just post what do you want on forum.. GM will reply ASAP
  • childofgod : Hi, any GM on?
  • VeraxXx : GM25 online?
  • kennyb : hello friend's!as I can get my password of the game ? thnx
  • k. : hi gm i have a problem have donat 50 euro but i have only medal on website not ingame think problem is= gmdonate bot is off . fix it please thx my ingame name= B00MHEADSH0T and a happy we all ;) sry for my bad english have all time sleep in my school xD
  • mike123 : viscachelsea: might be your ISP problem. Try tethering from your phone to see whether you can connect. I am from the UK and have encountered similar problems before. So now I am playing via connection from my phone which works well
  • GM01 : If you can't connect it means your installation is wrong or the connection to our server might be blocked by your anti virus or firewall. I lived in the UK myself for a year without connection problems.
  • viscachelsea : I dont get any particular message. It just stuck at connecting to Login server. Its nearly 2 weeks now. Is it because i can't access the server from UK?
  • idushkit : any GM on ?
  • GM01 : What message do you get?