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Planned for next or future patches

  • New Quests
  • Monsters at White Cap Bay
  • Skill modifactions
  • /e will be a cross nation chat ( trade chat )
  • Store chat will be cross a nation chat
  • Normal chat in Almigthy will be a cross nation trade.
  • Mounts
  • Minor Bug fixes and texture changes

GM21 and GM25 on vacation

During the following two weeks ( 29 and 30 ) two of the admins, GM21 and GM25, will be going away on separate vacations so only GM01 will be here to set up your donations and answer donation related questions. Keep in mind that donation items may take longer during this time since GM01 is really busy. So neither of GM21 or GM25 will not be checking the forum to answer any of your private messages.
Regards Team NP


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  • GM25 : Ahoy! Just letting you know that on sunday evening ( server time ) i will be home again to answer the pm's that i have received. Currently staying in " Tossa de Mar " in Spain for two more days then leaving for Barcelona again for the Barcelona beach festival!
  • HoneyDew : Gm see my pm..u wrong do it ^_^
  • Omni : seriously,u drug o.O
  • GM01 : Already done.
  • jrmib : GM01 please delivery my itens...
  • jrmib : GM01 check your inbox ^^
  • emmaMaembong : GM pm me
  • GM90 : @Erick : Please create a account at "Game Register"
  • GM25 : Only got WiFi at some of the places I'm staying at ( currently in Valencia for two days ) but as the newspost is saying i won't be answering any kind of pm untill i get back home on the 27th.
  • erwin_2ts : erick bradley?