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  • lucas27 : too many lag in server now
  • GM25 : fillipy: fagner account is still there. Sent you a password reset via email so check that.
  • hunter1990 : Hi all^^
  • AESpafford : Whats the exp and drop rate for this server?
  • fillipy : as well as my char was deleted, my items ? I was hacked? my char was 3 gold bar! my acc was since 2012 donate ! Sign in with my game and faguim the website and fagner . there is any way you could help me? this acc Fillipy and my friend because not I access my way ! I can not believe...
  • sorce20-dv : im back... Ares_X
  • GM01 : The account "faguim" has no characters on it. TsuBaki is located on a otehr account but is only a level 1 char... Sure you need this accounts? @fillipy
  • fillipy : my login is faguim, char name is tsubaki
  • GM01 : fillipy we will need a account or charname to be any help.
  • fillipy : I can not login with my acc in the game because I can not remember the password is more than two years and no game can not log into the site because of a 500 error! GM can you help me? (I entered the acc of a friend)