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  • RAPHOOD : Hi GM, i can't log my account,I'm back in server after a long a time.. about 1 year more n less, login raphood
  • jai77 : faster....soulblade trade attacker set or sale....
  • jai77 : who want buy soulblade......i want sell or trade attacker set...
  • GM25 : Parasite19: guess you have to change resolution in order to make it show everything.
  • parasite19 : Hi GM.there seems to be an issue about gameplay.. I just upgrade my laptop to windows 10 from windows 8. The problem is I i can click play now but then when i go to the login page in game, it gets abit messy the resolution is mindfucked.. cant see whole screen and only part of it i see is my character.
  • redhunter31 : Thanks gm it's fixĂ©e. :)
  • redhunter31 : I did a thread on forum, i waited until friday, can i know what i need to do to have My armor fixed. Thanks
  • nadeem : it says id or password is wrong I've resetted password 2x already still won't let me login
  • nadeem : Hi GM I have a problem I can't login into the game anymore ID: nadeem
  • redhunter31 : Can*