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  • GM01 : No need to ask in 2 different Places @ BlackBad :)
  • BlackBad : I Already Got Sir... THANKS
  • GM25 : We can but we can't if we don't have a character name :)
  • BlackBad : GM25 im old player... dont remember my Vaul Password, Can u help me ?
  • denzzepada : Sound Awesome.. thanks Gm25
  • GM25 : denzzepada: as i replied in the facebook post to someone. It means that for example the 305 str Attacker sword will drop down to around 200 str instead or so ( this was an example ), just to have people make their own outfit instead of having to chose from the stats build.
  • denzzepada : GM25, does Medal items (deathraze, stormcaller Dark tower& etc) will lower the requirement as well?
  • sorce20-dv : i try log in and say conection lost with server
  • GM25 : belky321: If you can not get online for 8 minutes then it's very safe to say its your connection that is having problems and not the server.
  • GM25 : darias0987: You can't login with forum account on the server. Click on game register and create a game account.