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  • GM01 : fillipy we will need a account or charname to be any help.
  • fillipy : I can not login with my acc in the game because I can not remember the password is more than two years and no game can not log into the site because of a 500 error! GM can you help me? (I entered the acc of a friend)
  • MxHeal_Cleri : no chance as i said.if you really dont know the rules of not allowed to fame transfer , then you wont be fame transferring at somewhere not visible to the players
  • ahsteve02 : GM25 you here? please give me a chance. fame you drop, medals dont be 0 plesae.
  • TReactivity5 : gm 25 u now play ryl ?
  • MxHeal_Cleri : no chance bro . if gm give you 1 chance all those players who fame transferred will also ask for another chance :)
  • ahsteve02 : mxheal_cleri, i no see law. is my fault. i don't know this sever can't play trade fame. after this problem i go see server rules. Just ask GM25 give chance to me. only 1 time. no next time.
  • MxHeal_Cleri : haha dont lie :)
  • ahsteve02 : GM25, can give me a chance? because i dont know got law of cant transfer fame.
  • GM25 : Ahsteven5: if you're sss_cleric then they are gone since you fametranferred in the arena.