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Planned for next or future patches

  • New Quests
  • Monsters at White Cap Bay
  • Skill modifactions
  • /e will be a cross nation chat ( trade chat )
  • Store chat will be cross a nation chat
  • Normal chat in Almigthy will be a cross nation trade.
  • Mounts
  • Minor Bug fixes and texture changes


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  • kentdigs : what if i dl the installer on other pc then transfer it to my pc does it makes sense of closing my own antivirus upon installing the client? @jasonlim1
  • kentdigs : hey anyone can help me? mirror 1? or mirror 2? somethings missing upon DL? i use IDM.. aftr instal when login icon click even run administrator something will pop out "login.dll not found" can anybody help?
  • omg1 : Nevermind I saw the comment explaining below. I just don't know how to add anything to a "white list" ?
  • omg1 : What's going on with the game? All of the sudden I keep getting login screen not found. It never did that and I have uninstalled and reinstalled it 4 times.
  • GM25 : Someone that understand how a antivirus works, thank you Jasonlim1 :) We have already answered this 10+ times in different threads but it seems like it's hard to search the forum first :)
  • jasonlim1 : @mila it happened to me too. Antivirus keep detecting the "login.dll" as potential virus. Add the filename to your antivirus whitelist. If problem persist, i suggest you keep a copy of the file elsewhere and copy it to your pc when it gets deleted lol..
  • Mila@135 : erm, maybe i wrote too long. -_-
  • Mila@135 : GM, i ad close my anti-virus then download+install, the problem still same like before, "Login.dll file not found" , yesterday i can play but this morning when i open he say "Login.dll file not found" , what i should to do? i hv already close my anti-virus then redownload the new client+patch after that install then when click the file>"Login.dll file not found".when click adminstr>"Login.dll file not found". plss GM solve my problems, from morning till now im just watching, bcoz don
  • erwin_2ts : why this happens me got same problem too
  • rick1986 : omg login.dll file not found? reinstall still the same why and why and why?