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Install Guide:

In order to play Ryl 2 Northpole you need to install Client Version V2048. If you are new to our server just download our Full client and you are good to go. If you already have client V2047 you only need to install Patch V2048. If you get any errors you can download and install Patch V2022 to V2048 but you are adviced to install our fresh client V2048.

RYL2NP Full Client V2048:

Latest Patch (V2047 to V2048):

Fix Patch V2022 to V2048 (only if login problems):

Downloads - RYL2 NORTHPOLE Free to play 3D MMORPG

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  • paradewata : why i cant login to server? even p/w have been cgnged it also said unregisterd id or incorrect p/ me pls
  • AaralynSK : Zzz i forgot my old id. Ign EugeneKrabs
  • GM01 : please make sure to install our client without files getting deleted by virus scan. Some scans think our client contains a virus even though it doesn't. But they might delete certain files which stops you from connecting
  • Novok : Desperately trying to run the game but getting "Failed to connect to login server". Have posted on the forum, please help!
  • run-e for yo : @evening, can you point exactly where to read instructions on game? ( the answer s not for me, but for new comers so they wont ask the same silly question like me)xD.
  • run-e for yo : ty, GM01 xD
  • GM01 : @ run-e for you I will add it to the information on the metal lol ...
  • evening : then at least read instructions on game?
  • run-e for yo : @evening; no information about endurance must be done at +10 "in the manual". If you follow exactly like the "manual" when you point your cursor at MOE,and your item is a basic fuser then you will fail to upgrade endurance. Anyway, thanks for info us about endurance at +10.
  • baloque : why i cant connect to server?