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Install Guide:

In order to play Ryl 2 Northpole you need to install Client Version V2048. If you are new to our server just download our Full client and you are good to go. If you already have client V2047 you only need to install Patch V2048. If you get any errors you can download and install Patch V2022 to V2048 but you are adviced to install our fresh client V2048.

RYL2NP Full Client V2048:

Latest Patch (V2047 to V2048):

Fix Patch V2022 to V2048 (only if login problems):

Downloads - RYL2 NORTHPOLE Free to play 3D MMORPG

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  • MrPrOsAdef : yes but i fix now or ?
  • GM25 : MrPrOsAdef could be that im not a bot and actually have a life during the days.
  • MrPrOsAdef : gm25 why take so long to answear pm? waited 4 hours :D
  • MrPrOsAdef : gm25 can fix my change name?
  • MrPrOsAdef : gm watch pm!
  • Rho : Thanks GM25. Its working now.
  • zerping : yup,open two client works for me. no choice this is the only way to do for now. thanks gm25
  • tonton1982 : Hi GM no server ???
  • cheynarrd3 : i have do it..still cant..i do as bruno send at fb np make 2 clien in same work just for when i run administrator that cant show client show anymore..for realtime defender i already do 3 month ago..
  • GM25 : zerping: We found out that we are being ddosed but our server host is filtering the traffic and that sadly will get some of you unable to connect to the server. Only way to mitigate the extensive amount of traffic is to do so. Keep trying for a while and hopefully you should get in.