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Install Guide:

In order to play Ryl 2 Northpole you need to install Client Version V2048. If you are new to our server just download our Full client and you are good to go. If you already have client V2047 you only need to install Patch V2048. If you get any errors you can download and install Patch V2022 to V2048 but you are adviced to install our fresh client V2048.

RYL2NP Full Client V2048:

Latest Patch (V2047 to V2048):

Fix Patch V2022 to V2048 (only if login problems):

Downloads - RYL2 NORTHPOLE Free to play 3D MMORPG

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  • GM25 : Thor3d: your account has not been logged in since 2014, amount of times it has been logged in is 3. Perhaps you are talking about another account?
  • thor3d : my login Thor3d
  • thor3d : good night ... I would love to look my account because I think that was banned some time ago unjustly ... I will be very grateful if you could answer me as fast as possible ... because I would love to be able to play again !!! thank you
  • afiqsaif : any gm online? plzz tell me
  • afiqsaif : gm help me ..urgent
  • Maxtor : forget it... able to connected
  • Maxtor : server off?
  • wanPC : it's just me lag or other people lag to? it's been 1 week lagg when war at 1 AM (GMT +8) ..
  • GM01 : If you have trouble logging in, please make an exception for Ryl NP folder in Your realtime protection of Your Windows firewall A late Windows update causes the client to be blocked. We will search for a longterm solution in next patch. x
  • GM25 : people with long loadingscreen and such, read the thread i replied in. A player posted a fix for it.