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Install Guide:

In order to play Ryl 2 Northpole you need to install Client Version V2048. If you are new to our server just download our Full client and you are good to go. If you already have client V2047 you only need to install Patch V2048. If you get any errors you can download and install Patch V2022 to V2048 but you are adviced to install our fresh client V2048.

RYL2NP Full Client V2048:

Latest Patch (V2047 to V2048):

Fix Patch V2022 to V2048 (only if login problems):

Downloads - RYL2 NORTHPOLE Free to play 3D MMORPG

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  • autumn : just post what do you want on forum.. GM will reply ASAP
  • childofgod : Hi, any GM on?
  • VeraxXx : GM25 online?
  • kennyb : hello friend's!as I can get my password of the game ? thnx
  • k. : hi gm i have a problem have donat 50 euro but i have only medal on website not ingame think problem is= gmdonate bot is off . fix it please thx my ingame name= B00MHEADSH0T and a happy we all ;) sry for my bad english have all time sleep in my school xD
  • mike123 : viscachelsea: might be your ISP problem. Try tethering from your phone to see whether you can connect. I am from the UK and have encountered similar problems before. So now I am playing via connection from my phone which works well
  • GM01 : If you can't connect it means your installation is wrong or the connection to our server might be blocked by your anti virus or firewall. I lived in the UK myself for a year without connection problems.
  • viscachelsea : I dont get any particular message. It just stuck at connecting to Login server. Its nearly 2 weeks now. Is it because i can't access the server from UK?
  • idushkit : any GM on ?
  • GM01 : What message do you get?