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Guide Akkan Classes

Combatants The males of the Ak'Kan race are hulking, massive brutes, evolved to solve the most grueling obstacles their nation faces. The Combatants are the elite of their kind, mastering the physical skills and arts of war. They are born to fight and only males are allowed to be Combatants. They come with higher strength and HP and possess powerful attack abilities..At level 10, they can change their class to become either Templar, Attacker or Gunner.


Templar is the shield-men of the Ak'Kan, walking fortresses that grow ever stronger in direct relation to their CON. Unlike other male Ak'Kan, Templar can improve their magical abilities to a degree, though they must sacrifice the damage they deal in combat to do so. Because they have focused on protection rather than destruction, a Templar's accuracy, evasion, and speed are quite low ¡V and the stronger they are defensively, the weaker their offense. Though they are exceptional in defending against physical attacks, Templar has a particular weakness against magic, and must equip special weaponry to raise their magic resistance.

Stat Growth Each Level : STR = 1.5 , CON = 1.5
STR - Damage, Accuracy, Evasion, Magic Resistance
CON - HP Max Value, HP Recovery


Attackers are the most physically aggressive and dangerous of all the Ak'Kan Combatants. As their STR increases, so do their accuracy, evasion, and speed ¡V and they can deal fatal blows in combat faster than their brethren, the Templar. There appears to be no limit to their power. Utilizing special ¡§Skill Arms¡¨, ancient technological devices that enhance battle skills, amplifies their deadly combat skills. Their great strength compensates for a low CON and HP. They cannot earn enough CON points to wear heavier armor, and unlike Humans, they cannot bear shields, making them far more vulnerable to physical attacks.

Stat Growth Each Level : STR = 2 , CON = 1
STR - Damage, Accuracy, Evasion, MP Max Value, MP Recovery, Magic, Magic Resistance
CON - HP Max Value, HP Recovery, Defense


Gunners are the long-range support for Templars and Attackers, a living artillery barrage. Although they are fairly weak in close range combat, they are immensely powerful from afar when they fire their Gun Arm, as long as they remain free from enemies with the Net skill. Compared to other combatants, their HP and defense are much weaker, though they do automatically gain CON status points as they level up. Gunners that focus primarily on enhancing their DEX status will prefer to utilize a ¡§hit and run¡¨ strategy, eliminating their enemies in one powerful blow, while CON focused Gunners can utilize a ¡¥turret' type strategy, bringing down enemies from afar.

Stat Growth Each Level : DEX = 1.5 , CON = 1.5
DEX - Damage, Accuracy
CON- Evasion, MP Max, MP Recovery, Magic Resistance

Officiaters Female Ak'Kan, relieved of the responsibility for the brute physical defense of their homeland, is slim, lithe, and exceptionally intelligent. Those who follow the path of the Officiators, the priestesses for the Merkhadian Nation, are spiritually strong, intellectually superior, and extremely dangerous in the mystical arts of war. Officiators concentrate on intelligence and wisdom. Due to this matter they only allow females as Officiators. Usually acting as support warriors, they have lower HP when compared to Combatants, but they are born with powerful magical skills and extraordinary speed. At level 10, they can change their class to become either LifeOff, RuneOff or ShadowOff.

Life Officiators

Life Officiators may seem weak if taken alone, but when paired with another Officiator or Ak'Kan warrior, they become fearsome indeed. They return life to their allies and can immobilize enemies, allowing their allies to crush their foes with ease. Although Life Officiators have the unique characteristic of being able to increase their defense powers with the CON status, they do not receive CON points automatically at each level. Life Officiators can increase their life expectancy by increasing their DEX, thus causing HP Max Value and HP recovery to rise slightly. Unlike Human Clerics, the Life Officiators' DEX grants bonuses in physical attack abilities, and their WIS gives them magic bonuses.

Stat Growth Each Level : WIS = 2 , DEX = 1
WIS - MP Max Value, MP Recovery, Magic, Magic Resistance
DEX - Damage, Accuracy, Evasion, HP Max Value, HP Recovery

Rune Officiators

Rune Officiators rely on powerful elemental spells in combat, generally preferring to work their magic from afar. Some choose to focus on close combat by increasing their DEX, but the most effective Rune Officiators rain destruction on their enemies via magic. Rune Officiators do gain some survival benefits from increased DEX, but they must choose between these benefits and the most powerful spells available to their kind.

Stat Growth Each Level : INT = 2 , DEX = 1
INT - MP Max Value, MP Recovery, Magic, Magic Resistance
DEX - Damage, Accuracy, Evasion

Shadow Officiator

Shadow Officiator is the assassins of the Ak'Kan ¡V silent, deadly, and blindingly fast. They have excellent offensive powers in close range combat, and are at their best when attacking from a position of stealth.When they are immobilized, Shadow Officiators are especially vulnerable. Fortunately, they have high evasion skills, so catching them is difficult. They're tougher than Human Assassins, too. A Shadow Officiator must choose between high STR and high DEX: A high STR increases her devastating damage, and provides a distinct advantage over those who focus on DEX. On the other hand, DEX based Shadow Officiators are faster, more skilled, and gain more advanced item attachment capabilities.

Stat Growth Each Level : DEX = 2 , STR = 1
DEX - Speed, Critical Rate
STR - Damage, Accuracy, Evasion, HP Max Value, HP Recovery, MP Max Value, MP Recovery, Magic Resistance

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