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Map Guide

We have 3 Maps at Ryl2 Northpole!!
- Almighty Land
- Frozen Caernarvon
- PVP Arena

Almighty Land;

There is peace in Almigthy Land. The grounds of Almigthy are no longer battleground for the war between Humans and Akkans. Pirate town used to be the city for activities such as buying items selling items without being worried of getting backstapped by your enemies. Most of this has moved to the new city (Ryl NP only) White Cap Bay!! In the Docks in Pirate Town, you can find the Black Pearl with Captain Jack Sparrow willing to sail with you to Grand Fall Valley in Frozen Caernarvon but be careful Frozen Caernarvon is not as peaceful as Almigthy!! Dimension Port? Its seems to have no use but why is it guarded by Fallen Archfield and Sephiroth? It might get use soon!! There is no war in Almigthy but there are very dangerous monsters walking around, don’t get to close if you’re not trained yet!! They are all around Almigthy; Ichzilla the king of merman’s. Three Headed Snake ruling the swamps. Queen of Pain she doesn’t feel pain do you?. Death Skeleton King is already dead can it be killed? Death Bringer spreads death with his power in the dark forest. Elune; willing to die Cold in frozen valley? Fallen Archfield apparently comes straight from the depths of Tartarus; he is evil!! Sephiroth the guard of the dimension Port. Gul'dan king of the barrick’s and then you have Brute the evil Cyclop. So even though there is no war in Almigthy Stay careful outside the city's in the wild!!

Frozen Caernarvon;

Frozen Caernarvon used to be named Dark Caernarvon, because there is a war going on between Humans and Akkans, it’s going through dark times. During the snow storms, the map became covered in snow, and it’s now better known as Frozen Caernarvon. Though Frozen Caernarvon is much more dangerous than Almigthy Land, because your enemy is always trying to find you and send you to your grave! It’s the place where you can find all special material to get your items strong to be able to stand up against your enemies and all the horrible monsters spread around the grounds of Ryl Northpole. The Ancient Spirits are the Guardians to protect all metals, beat them and gain the metals to upgrade your items!! Little Smoldering Death... the children of Smoldering Death who is protecting the dimension port in the middle of Frozen Caernarvon, are the onces who guard the Gems for adding to your items. They didn’t used to be there, but after Dark Caernarvon Froze, Polar Bears Arrived they like Ice Crystals you want to use Ice crystals? Fight the polar bears!! Why do the Dangerous monsters Medusa and Bathomat have guards? Find out maybe they guard some material for when their master is not around!! You can teleport from pirate town in Almigthy Land Straight to frozen Caernarvon to your camp MC for humans, and RC for akkans. Or you can choose to sail with the Black Pearl and it's captain to grand Fall valley.

PVP Arena;

Our 3th map is a map that's completely new and only available in Ryl2 Northpole. This is the place for nonstop PVP Action !! Go take a look, you can teleport to the PVP Arena from Frozen Caernarvon and from Almigthy Land. In this map there is a never ending battle going on between Kartefant and Merkhedia. There are no monsters but don’t get yourself fooled!! In this map there is no place where you can hide from your enemies you need to face them without fear.

Map Guide - RYL2 NORTHPOLE Free to play 3D MMORPG