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Game Controls

In this guide we explain everything about the ingame commands, the ingame controls and the mouse options.

Game Controls:

W ---> Run forward.

S ---> Walk Backward.

A ---> Walk to the left.

D ---> Walk to the Right.

R ---> Auto run.

C ---> Rest mode.

G ---> Opens Guild Window.

O ---> Opens War Menu.

I ---> Opens Inventory.

L ---> Opens Map.

E ---> Pick up Items.

M ---> Used to Pm the person who you PM'd last.

U ---> Opens Character Menu.

K ---> Opens Skill Window.

Y ---> Opens Party Window.

H ---> Opens help Menu ingame. ( For control explanations )

Q ---> Switches between Equipment. ( KR Only )

ESC ---> Closes all opened menus.

Z/X ---> Switches between the 2 different quick skillbars.

V ---> Turn off/on names of Npc's mobs and other players.

Enter ---> Chat mode after press enter you can talk straight into chat.

Tabb ---> Toggles mouse cursor on/off.

Shift ---> Toggle on Mouse cursor.

F12 ---> Make Screenshot.

Numbers ---> Used to select a skill in Quick slot.

Number pad:

Number 1---> You will shout : Let's Attack.

Number 2---> You will shout : Please heal me.

Number 3---> You will shout : Shall we ress abit?

Number 4---> You will shout : Please use detection

Number 5---> You will shout : Run! RUN!! RUNNNNNN!!

Number 6---> You will shout : Can someone ress me?

Number 7---> You will shout : HELP ME PLEASE!!

Number 8---> You will shout : Hi there mate!

Number 9---> You will shout : Follow me. This way!!


All commands work inside the chatbox this means you need to use them inside the chatbox.

/p ---> This command is used to chat with people who you are in a PARTY with. Only those who are in your party will be able to read your messages.

/g ---> This command is used to chat with people of the same GUILD. Only GUILD mates will be able to read your message if you use this command.

/c ---> This command is to talk in global chat everybody of your nation is able to read this chat it doesn't matter in which map you are. (blue colored chat)

/e ---> This command is to talk in global chat everybody of your nation is able to read this chat it doesn't matter in which map you are. (purple colored chat)

/kill ---> this command is used to "suicide" it will cost endurance on your items, but you will revive in the respawn spots. ( When used in Almighty Land you will respawn Docks ) ( When used in Frozen Caernarvon you will respawn in RC/MC )

/s + charname ---> This command is to talk with somebody in private. ( Personal message )

/torch ---> This command lights up the area around you when its dark same command is used to remove the light effect.

/shop ---> This command is used to open a shop, to start sell your own items.

Mouse Functions:

All mouse options ingame.

Mouse Functions with shops and npc's:
Shift + Left mouse button click on the npc or shop, to open shop or npc.
- Click with right mouse to buy full stack of items
- Click with left mouse button on the item you like to buy and select how many of them you want to buy
- Close the windows by clicking on the X or using the ESC Button

Mouse Functions in battle:
- Left mouse button is used for attacking with your sword, Axe, Staff or other weapon.
- When you're using a bow or Gun you must point the cursor on the monster click on the left mouse button to attack.
- Right Click with mouse is for using the selected skill or potion in your Quickslot
- For Mages, Runes, Gunners and Archers you need to select the monster with your cursor and then click on the right button to use the skill. Keep your right mouse button pressed until the skill has been loaded completely.

Other uses with mouse:
- Click on an item on the ground with left mouse button to pick the item ( Press E is also possible )
- Scroller is used to zoom your vieuw in and out.
- Turn the mouse to change direction of your view.
- Shift + Click on a person to trade/duel/guild or party with this person.

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